Ester Contaldo is the proud owner of an historical perfume shop in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, Italy. Passion and determination are the main key drivers of her career. One day while looking at the sea in Castellammare and smelling her mother land perfumes mixed with the sea saline scents, she embarked on her journey and desire to capture these natural and subtle fragrances into a perfume bottle that she could always carry with her whilst feeling at home during her long business trips abroad.

On her 40th birthday to commemorate an important professional achievement, Ester decides to produce
a limited edition of a perfume still without a name. She sprays the scent everywhere and her guests captured by the fragrance smell will ask her to have it. Surprised by the unexpected success she embarks on the entrepreneurial journey with the launch of the home and body line and its brand CASTRUM AD MARE.

Ester stated mission and vision is to link her home and body line scents to the beauty and culture of her native Castellammare di Stabia a beautiful town set in the magnificent gulf of Naples and its Sorrento and Amalfi coast. The name and the corporate logo of her brand are inspired by Castellammare di Stabia harmonic case symbol of the city built by Architect Eugenio Cosenza.

CASTRUM AD MARE home and body lines with their wide pyramid scents are the first and most representative lines of the brand.