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Castrum ad Mare Fragrance

Let yourself be caressed by a memory or a future dream

I’ve always wondered how to bring the scents of my childhood with me, those that have seen me grow and accompanied in all moments of my life. 

The answers never come immediately, or rather, when you think about something for a long time, this has time to ferment and develop at its best: this is how Castrum ad Mare was born.

Creating a line of perfumes was not easy but it was my way of paying homage to Campania. This territory, my territory , is not easy to tell in words and not even with its fragrances. It ranges from mountainous reliefs to jagged coastlines. There is the fresh scent of musk and soil, but also the warm scent of citrus fruits. 

A rainbow of essences that should be enhanced, but above all made accessible to everyone

Like the plants, which to get to touch the sky with their foliage, begin to sink their roots in the earth, so I thought that I too had to start from my land

Castrum ad Mare is the ancient name of Castellammare di Stabia, where I live and where I carry on my work with passion. From here I started to explore the diversity of this region. 

If you want you can be pampered by the scents that I created, ranging from the sea air with the Gulf of Sirens, to the cooler one of Musk of Quisisana . 

Nothing is left to chance, even the friezes you will find on the bottles are not random, but they are part of one of the monuments of my city that I love most, the Cassarmonica.

This is where I thought of all my perfumes. In this icon of Castellammare I spent the hours, to think what I wanted to convey with my essences. 

If you want to be enchanted by my fragrances take a look at the product catalog, I’m sure you will find at least one that will arouse a memory in you or make you dream of an unexplored place.

– Ester Contaldo

Just touch the tightrope of a perfume that memories resonate immediately

Diane Ackerman